Maguri Beel Wetland


Overview - Maguri Beel Wetland

Maguri Beel is a large wetland formed by the meeting of two tributaries of the River Brahmaputra : The Lohit & Dibru Rivers. It is the gateway to the Dibru-Saikhowa Biosphere and an IBA(Important Bird Area) of the World.

A “Beel” is a local word for ‘lake’ & “Maguri” the word for ‘catfish’. It is an area steeped in fishing culture, sadly due to overfishing, the catfish do not survive here today. However, that does not deter the thousands of birds which gather here. It is an important winter migratory ground for several waders and home to various grassland species as well as resident waders.

One drifts calmly on the paddle-boats here as you silently make your way across the marshy lake looking at grassland birds, raptors and waders galore.

Best Time to Visit Maguri Beel Wetland

November to mid-May is a great time to visit.

Winters from November to the end of March is the best time for Winter migrants.

Highlight Species - Maguri Beel Wetland

Types of Safaris - Maguri Beel Wetland

Boat Safaris : Boats can be hired locally to traverse through the wetland. Birding can be done on foot around the lake as well, for grassland birds and other land birds.

How to reach Maguri Beel Wetland

By Air : 1.5 hour drive from Dibrugarh Airport – daily flights from New Delhi & Kolkata.

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