Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions in the mind of a prospective traveller. We have tried to answer them here. But it is possible that you still have questions which are not addressed here. Please feel free to write to us on [email protected]

I'm new to birding, which tour would your recommend?

We understand that certain travellers might be considering their first birding expedition, for this we would like to recommend two tours – Birding in the Land of Tigers and Birding in the Highlands of Central India. During these tours not only do you have the opportunity to see over 300 species of birds but you also have the chance to see mammals such as the Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Wild Dogs apart from a host of other species. These tours also have a variety of viewing options which include open jeep safaris, boat safaris, night safaris as well as walking safaris, easing you into your first birding experience.

What tours would you recommend for people who would like to keep walking to a bare minimum?

While most tours include their fair share of walking and hiking, we have a few tours where one has the liberty to limit their walking. Again, Birding in the Land of Tigers and Birding in the Highlands of Central India are ideal as one can undertake open jeep safaris and motorboat or canoe safaris, thereby making it far easier to view birds.

What tours would you recommend for people who enjoy walking and hiking?

Most of our tours fall under this category and being a subcontinent that exhibits montane forests, tours such as The Great Himalayan Birding TourHimalayan Birding & Red PandaBirding in South IndiaBirding in North East India and Birding in East Assam and Mishmi Hills are perfect for people who would like to soak in landscapes as well as a plethora of species at a leisurely pace. However, people undertaking excursions here should be moderately active as the terrain is undulating through most of these parts.

What tours would you suggest for photography?

India has plenty of destinations ideal for bird photography at its disposal. However, we would highly recommend Birds, Taj and TigersBirds, Rhino and Gibbon TourHimalayan Bird Photography Tour and Birding in Gujarat, as the offers scenic landscapes, sightings of mammals and present opportunities for stunning well-lit shots of the avifauna in question.

In addition to birds, I'm also interested in other aspects of nature. What tours highlight other wildlife as well?

While birding in India is major highlight, the subcontinent is known for its immense diversity in wildlife. With animals such as Leopards, Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Sloth Bears and Wild Dogs apart from a host of many others, most of the tours we offer are linked with highlights that will make your birding trip a worthwhile wildlife experience. The tours that fall under this category our as follows – Birds, Taj and Tigers TourBirding in Bandhavgarh & PannaBirding in Highlands of Central IndiaBirds, Rhino and Gibbon TourHimalayan Birding & Red PandaBirding in Orissa and Birding in Gujarat.

What tours would you recommend to see migratory birds in?

During winters, India is a refuge to countless birds that throng here from different parts of the world. Wetlands a flooded with swarms of ducks, geese, storks, pelicans apart from a wide array of other speciesBirds of Western IndiaBirding in GujaratBirding in Orissa and Birds, Taj and Tigers are perfect to witness these birds in habitats such as wetlands, grasslands, lakes, rivers and mangrove forests.