Bird Statistics in India

Number of Bird Species in the World

Around 9500 species

Number of Bird Species in India

Around 1300 species (approx. 12 %)

Taxonomy of Birds in India

23 Orders, 107 Families, 498 Genera

Number of Endemic Birds of India

53 species

Least occurring Bird Species’ in India

Bugun Liocichla – Around 20 individuals known, endemic to Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh.
White-Bellied Heron – Only 50 or so individuals known, best seen at Namdapha Tiger Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh.
Jerdon’s Courser – Around 50 to 200 individuals believed to survive, at Sri Lankamaleshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh.

Recently discovered bird species of India

White-browed Crake – Seen at Maguri Beel, a wetland in Assam, in 2016.
Himalayan Forest Thrush – Seen at Arunachal Pradesh in 2016 in the Himalayas.
Bugun Liocichla – Discovered in 2006, at Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh.

Smallest Bird of India

8 cm length : Pale Billed Flowerpecker

Bird with Largest Wingspan in India

8.5ft to 10.2ft : Himalayan Vulture

Heaviest Bird in India

Upto 15 kg : Great Indian Bustard

Tallest Bird in India

Upto 5.9ft : Sarus Crane

Smallest Raptor in India

Collared Falconet : 15cm length, 30cm wingspan

Number of Raptor Species in India

106 species

Largest congregation of Single Bird Species in India

1 million Amur Falcons at Pangti, Arunachal Pradesh

Largest congregation of Bird Species in India

1.5 million birds across 181 species at Chilika Lake, Odisha

Number of Important Bird Areas in India


Number of Ramsar Sites in India


Number of Bird Sanctuaries in India


Largest Wetland in India

1165 sq. kms. Chilika Lake