Ranthambhore National Park


Overview - Ranthambhore National Park

Situated at the junction of the Aravalli and the Vindhya range, Ranthambore is another famous park for tiger safari in India having one of India’s conservation success stories. Since becoming one of the original 11 areas under Project Tiger in 1973, the park has recovered much of its previous natural glory, proving that, with careful management, a once wooded area which has been reduced to arid scrub can be restored.

The park region is rich in avifauna due to the variety of habitats with abundant sources of avian nourishment. Over 330 of the 1300 species of the Indian subcontinent’s birdlife can be located in the region at different seasons with monsoon and winter being special periods for tourists and nature lovers. The hotspots for bird watching in Ranthambore are Padam Talav, Rajbagh talav, Malik lake, Jhalara & Bagada inside the park.

Best Time to Visit Ranthambhore National Park

The best time to visit Ranthambore is from October to April, when the climate averages a pleasant temperature of 35 Degree Celsius.

Highlight Species - Ranthambhore National Park

Types of Safaris - Ranthambhore National Park

Jeep Safaris:

  • Regular Safaris: These are 4 hour jeep safaris, provided in a 4×4 gypsy or a 20 seater canter, whichever you choose. You are restricted to the zone you choose while booking the safari.
  • Half Day Safari: This is also a four house safari provided in a 4×4 jeep or a 20 seater canter. However, one gets the opportunity to enter other zones as well, and are not just restricted to one. This kind of safari is a little hard on the wallet when compared to the regular safari.
  • Full Day Safari: One gets to spend the entire day inside the jungle. In simpler terms, your jeep enters 15 minutes before vehicles enter the park and exits 15 mins after they’ve all exited. Again, one cannot book this permit online and it is twice the price of a half day safari.

By Air : The closest Airport is the Jaipur, which is at a distance of 180 kms from the park. Jaipur has great connectivity with major cities in the country including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad etc.

By Train : The closest rail head to the park is Sawai Madhopur at a mere distance of 11 kms from the park, followed by Kota and Jaipur at a distance of 108 and 180 kms.

By Road : Ranthambore National Park is accessible by road from most of the major cities in India by busses or private cabs.

  • New Delhi to Ranthambore: 381 km (06-hour drive)
  • Jaipur to Ranthambore: 180 kms (03-hour drive)
  • Agra to Ranthambore: 239 kms (05-hour drive)
  • Bharatpur to Ranthambore: 202 kms (04-hour drive)
  • Nagpur: At a mere distance of 100 kms, Nagour is just a 02 hour drive from the Park.
  • Jabalpur: At a mere distance of 200 kms, Jabalpur is just a 04-04.5 hour drive from the Park.

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