Corbett National Park


Overview - Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park which is most famous park for tiger safaris in india lies in the Terai Arc Landscape at the foot of the Himalayas, where Bhabhar forests, Riverine forests, Siwalik foothills and the Terai floodplains all intertwine in a biodiversity-rich area the growing Himalayan Mountains which transport their silt and rock down river fed by the Himalayan rivers.

The dominant trees of the area are the towering and gregarious “Sal”(Shorea robusta) which fill the landscape and provide the feeling of being in Tiger Country.

A rare sight of gigantic grasslands as far as the eye can see at Dhikala cut by the channels of the Ramganga River is a magical sight indeed, where herds of Elephants make their home and the Tiger hunts stealthily for the herbivores that inhabit the area – yes, Tigers are known to hunt elephants too at Corbett!

The bird count in the landscape reaches close to almost 600 species, due to the vegetation-rich area and the varied habitat, making for a charming birdwatching trip at Corbett.

Best Time to Visit Corbett National Park

The best time to visit Corbett National Park is from November to the end of May. Migratory species in Winter are present till March, beyond which the various Summer Migrants begin to visit – hence birding is spectacular across the safari season.

Highlight Species - Corbett National Park

Types of Safaris - Corbett National Park

Jeep Safaris : There are 05 primary zones of the park and the only way to access them is by hiring a 4×4 Jeep.

Walking Safaris : There are numerous walking trails in the Corbett Landscape, one is to be weary of Wild Elephants and a guide/Naturalist to accompany make for the best chances to see highlighted bird species.

How to reach Corbett National Park

By Air : 04 hour drive from Dehradun Airport – well connected by flights from New Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore.

By Train : 6.5 comfortable Air-conditioned train ride from New Delhi to Ramnagar Station – Corbett.

By Road : 07 hour drive from New Delhi International Airport – well connected worldwide.

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