Birds of Indian Subcontinent

India Wildlife Consolidated! India is a part of the vast Oriental biogeographic regions, rich in biodiversity. Out of the 18,000 species of birds in the world, the Indian subcontinent is home to more than 1,300 species. We proudly boast about the 48 bird families out of the total of 75 families in the world. Favourable climate, diversity of vegetation and a wide altitudinal range, is the primary reason behind a superior bird watching experience in India.

Being a physical part of Asia, India is least limited by geographical barriers, thus acting as a dispersal of species, receiving a variety from Palearctic, Ethiopian, Indo-Chinese and Indo-Malayan sub-regions.

Geographic ramifications of Southeast Asia, tangled patterns of mountain chains, river drainage systems and a long period of stable climate allows an abundance of avifauna move in and out the country, with the utmost ease.

Bewildered by birds, we know who you are. The Indian subcontinent awaits you and your passion for bird watching. Be it the wetlands of Bharatpur, dry forests of Ranthambhore, meadows of Kanha, or grasslands of Kaziranga, we ensure you get the best of naturalists and guides for a seamless experience.

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