India Bird Watching

Custom Made Tour

Since we tailor make your tour we have no minimum group size, and can offer complete flexibility in departure dates and tour duration. Internal transport and transfers are booked on an individual basis, and wherever possible you will have your own safari vehicle so ensuring a higher degree of flexibility and comfort for you. Since our expertise lies in designing the itineraries we do not include international flights, again leaving you with the flexibility of choosing your own carrier and making use of your membership of loyalty or discount schemes. Our services usually begin as soon as you touch down from your international flight and end once you board your onward flight. However we can arrange your itinerary to begin and end in any location to fit in with your own plans, whether you're in the city on business or attending a family wedding in a remote village.

Depending on the time you have available you may choose to visit more than one park, as well as including cultural sites, however we recommend a stay of at least three to four full days at most parks to maximise your wildlife encounters. We believe that an itinerary with more emphasis on wildlife safaris and less on travelling between destinations will greatly enhance your experience.

You have the opportunity to stay in some thoroughly unique locations. All of the accommodation that we offer has been selected to provide the comforts expected by Western travelers, such as en suite bathrooms and friendly English speaking staff. By choosing these hotels and lodges you are assured the enjoyment of sumptuous local cuisine along side more familiar dishes.

Whatever type of person you are we can help you pick an itinerary, which will give you the best of everything. We will work with you to ensure that accommodation, transport and wildlife and cultural excursions are selected to match your hopes, needs and budget.

Tailor Made means exactly what it says & where you travel, how you travel, and what you do when you get there, is entirely down to you. Our role is simply to make it possible, and from the benefit of our vast experience, possibly add some suggestions of our own. We are happy to discuss individual holidays or tours for specialist groups. No matter how limited your knowledge of your chosen destination, we usually have someone in the Tailor Made department who has been there, and can help you put the itinerary together. You may also find the cost is less than you expect.

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