List of Bird Sanctuaries, Birding Areas and Ramsar sites in India

list of bird sanctuaries in India

There are 10000 species of birds found all over the world. India is a birdwatching paradise with more than 1300 bird species recorded, with 72 of them being endemic to India. India is currently eight in the top 8 countries for the maximum number of bird species recorded. Four of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots … Read more

Community Protection for Indian Skimmers

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.” Aldo Leopold The Indian subcontinent is land gifted with ribbons of meandering rivers, cutting through geological formations to shape the landscape over millions of years. Along with these large river ecosystems, marshes, lakes, estuaries and countless other water bodies are dotted across the country presenting … Read more

Bird Mimicry

For centuries, even deep into the scientific era, human beings have projected themselves to be one of the most intelligent species on the planet. After all, we are highly observant creatures where we applied the schematics from nature and of our own kind to build a grand modern civilization. It’s our gift of awareness that … Read more

Birds of Indian Metropolises

The COVID 19 has most of India under lockdown. Life seems to have come to a temporary standstill. While these are trying times where most of us are left incarcerated to the confines of our homes, there couldn’t be a better time to witness the birdlife prevalent in our cities. It is within this stillness … Read more

The Habitats of Birds in India

birds in india

“Birds are an ecological litmus paper” These eminent words by Late American Naturalist Roger Tory Peterson, couldn’t resonate more among nature enthusiasts and birders. There’s an ethereal feeling when one navigates ecosystems sprawling with the flight and songs of birds. When one sets foot on a given area brimming with an astounding diversity of birds, … Read more