How Birdwatching Helped Reshape One of the Fastest Trains in The World

Ruddy kingfisher

“Life solves its problems with well-adapted designs, life-friendly chemistry and smart material and energy use.” Janine Benyus, Author of Biomimmicry Enter Japan, a country that has been at forefront of innovation and technology for serval years. Many across the globe have drawn inspirations from their work, whether it’s from the automobile industry, smart gadgets, android … Read more

10 Tips for Birding in India

10 tips for birding in india

Bird watching is a wonderful but acquired taste; neutrals may wonder at the often childlike behaviour of elderly “birders” while rushing and gushing over the barely discernable sight of a little brown thing fluttering deep within the bushes, sometimes in the middle of it urban areas, at other times, in the middle of nowhere. No … Read more