Top 10 Birding Destinations in India in 2024

Top 10 Birding Destinations to visit in India in 2024

  Birdwatching in India is a captivating experience due to the country’s rich biodiversity and diverse landscapes that support an astonishing variety of bird species. From the Himalayan foothills to the coastal regions and the vast expanses of forests and wetlands, India offers birdwatchers an incredible array of habitats to explore. The country boasts over … Read more

Top 5 Birding Sites in Western Himalayas in India

best birding destinations in western himalayas

The Western Himalayas boast an array of captivating destinations for bird enthusiasts, each offering unique avian experiences. Among the top five birding destinations in this picturesque region are Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, Pangot, Sattal, Chail, and Pong Dam. These locations, renowned for their diverse habitats and rich biodiversity, provide an exceptional opportunity to witness an extensive … Read more

Birding Areas for Spotting Critically Endangered Bird Species in India

Birding Areas for Spotting Endangered Bird Species in India

India’s Top Five Lesser-Known Protected Areas for Spotting Critically Endangered Bird Species   India, renowned for its rich biodiversity, hosts an array of lesser-known protected areas that serve as sanctuaries for some of the world’s most critically endangered bird species. While famous reserves often take the spotlight, these hidden havens harbor invaluable populations of avian … Read more

Top 5 Migratory Birds in India

Eurasian teal in Top 5 migratory birds in India

Bird migration refers to the regular seasonal movement of birds between their breeding and non-breeding (wintering) grounds. Many species of birds undertake long-distance migrations, traveling thousands of kilometers each year to reach their wintering grounds in search of food, a better climate, and breeding opportunities. Birds migrate to India for a variety of reasons, including: … Read more

List of Bird Sanctuaries, Birding Areas and Ramsar sites in India

list of bird sanctuaries in India

There are 10000 species of birds found all over the world. India is a birdwatching paradise with more than 1300 bird species recorded, with 72 of them being endemic to India. India is currently eight in the top 8 countries for the maximum number of bird species recorded. Four of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots … Read more