Tiger Safari & Birding Tour of India

12 Nights/13 Days

Top Species on the Tiger Safari & Birding Tour of India

Tiger Safari & Birding Tour of India

Royal Bengal Tiger

White bellied minivet in Bandhavgarh

White Bellied Minivet

Malabar pied hornbill spotted in Kanha

Malabar Pied Hornbill

Blue Bearded Bee Eater in Bandhavgarh

Blue Bearded Bee Eater

Sloth Bear in Pench National Park

Sloth Bear

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Tour Overview - Tiger Safari & Birding Tour of India

Join us on an unforgettable journey through the heart of India’s most prolific wildlife sanctuaries, including the renowned Bandhavgarh, Kanha, and Pench national parks. Our Tiger Safari & Birding Tour is a testament to the wild treasures of India, meticulously designed for wildlife enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and avid photographers.

This expedition is a dream come true for big cat admirers as you’ll have the chance to spot the elusive Bengal tiger and the elusive leopard, along with other iconic species like elephants and sloth bears. But that’s not all; our tour is a birdwatcher’s paradise. India boasts an incredible avian diversity, and you’ll have the opportunity to capture captivating shots of White Bellied Minivet, Black-hooded oriole, Scarlet minivet, Greater coucal, Jungle nightjar, Tickell’s blue flycatcher, Thick-billed flowerpecker, and countless other avian gems.

Your adventure is complemented by expert tiger trackers and seasoned birding guides who’ll lead you through the jungles, unraveling the secrets of the wild. At night, unwind in the comfort of premium wildlife lodges, allowing you to relish the charm of the Indian wilderness.

Immerse yourself in the world of big cats, feathered wonders, and untouched landscapes as you make lifelong memories on our Tiger Safari & Birding Tour of India. This is more than a tour. It’s a rendezvous with nature at its most captivating.

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Detailed Itinerary - Tiger Safari & Birding Tour of India

Day 01 : Arrival in New Delhi
Upon your arrival at New Delhi Airport, a Nature Safari representative will be readily available at the airport’s arrival hall, displaying a sign bearing your name. This representative will be accompanied by a chauffeur, and there will be a comfortable air-conditioned SUV waiting to transport you to your hotel. Upon reaching the hotel, our team will provide seamless assistance during the check-in process and furnish you with any essential trip-related documentation. You will spend the night at the hotel in New Delhi.
Wire tailed swallow
Wire tailed swallow
Day 02 : New Delhi – Nagpur – Pench (Flight + 100 kms/2 hrs drive from the airport)

Enjoy an early morning breakfast, followed by a transfer to the airport, where you will catch a flight departing at 05:55 hrs, arriving in Nagpur at 07:40 hrs. Upon your arrival at Nagpur Airport, our team will be there to greet you, and you will embark on a scenic 2-hour journey to reach Pench National Park. Once you’ve reached your destination, you can complete your check-in process at the resort.

Following a satisfying lunch, you will set out on an exciting afternoon jeep tiger safari within the Pench national park. As the day’s adventures wind down, you will return to the resort for a delectable dinner and a peaceful overnight stay.

Black headed cuckooshrike
Black headed cuckooshrike
Day 03 : In Pench National Park

Get ready for the morning and afternoon jeep safaris for tiger enthusiasts at Pench National Park, with meals and overnight accommodations provided at our resort. Covering a sprawling 758 sq. km, this Southern Indian tropical moist deciduous forest seamlessly merges with the tropical dry deciduous teak. The landscape is intricately woven with numerous streams and seasonal ‘nallahs.’

Despite the Pench River drying up by the end of April, local water pools known as ‘dohs’ persist, serving as essential watering holes for the park’s wildlife. The Pench Reservoir, nestled at the park’s heart, becomes the primary water source during the pinch period. For those passionate about birding, Pench is a haven where you can spot avian wonders such as the Indian Pitta, White-eyed Buzzard, Black-naped Oriole, Yellow-crowned Woodpecker, and Racket-tailed Drongo.

The Pench Riverbanks prove to be an ideal locale for observing tigers, as the concentration of prey is high in this vicinity, making it a hunting ground for these magnificent cats. Leopards, on the other hand, often navigate the park’s periphery but are occasionally glimpsed within its deep interior.

Pench’s diverse habitat is also home to Cheetal and Sambar grazing along open roadsides and riverbanks, while Jackals scavenge for food throughout the park. Packs of wild dogs, numbering up to 15 or more, are commonly sighted in areas like Chhedia, Jamtara, Bodanala, and Pyorthadi within the Reserve. During the summer months, herds of gaur can be observed near streams and bamboo patches, while sloth bears thrive in rocky areas and favor mahul bel-infested forests. In addition, the elusive Chinkaras make rare appearances in open areas, providing a well-rounded wildlife experience in Pench National Park.

Sloth Bear in Pench National Park
Sloth Bear in Pench National Park
White bellied minivet in Bandhavgarh
White bellied minivet
Day 04 : Pench–Kanha (210 km/4-5 hour drive)

Begin your day with a thrilling morning jeep expedition, setting off on a captivating journey to the Pench National Park.

Pench National Park is a haven for birding enthusiasts, offering an array of avian wonders that further enrich your wildlife experience. From the elegant plumage of the Indian paradise flycatcher to the melodious calls of the Indian pitta, Pench teems with an impressive diversity of bird species. As you explore this picturesque park, you’ll have the chance to spot and photograph numerous birds, such as the striking Malabar pied hornbill and the elusive Indian scops owl, making your visit to Pench an essential part of your Tiger Safari & Birding Tour in India.

From there, you’ll embark on a scenic drive that spans 4-5 hours, leading you to the enchanting Kanha National Park. Upon reaching Kanha, visitors have the opportunity to check in at a delightful resort, a tranquil haven where you can relish a delectable dinner and enjoy a restful overnight stay, preparing you for the adventures that await in Kanha’s mesmerizing wilderness.

Kanha tiger safari india
Tiger Safari in Kanha
Day 05 – 07 : In Kanha National Park

Rise and shine at the break of dawn, at 5 AM. Start your day with a cup of tea or coffee accompanied by biscuits before venturing into the mesmerizing wilderness of Kanha National Park for a morning tiger safari. Kanha’s vast expanse covers over 940 square kilometers, adorned with enchanting sal and bamboo forests, rolling grasslands, and meandering streams. It’s a place of unparalleled natural beauty, serving as the heart of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, established in 1974 as part of Project Tiger.

Kanha National Park is not just about tigers; it’s also the exclusive abode of the rare hardground Barasingha (Cervus Duvauceli Branderi). This is the very land Rudyard Kipling so vividly described in his beloved Jungle Book. During your excursion, indulge in a sumptuous packed breakfast provided by the lodge, served at a designated picturesque spot, often right on the bonnet of the Safari vehicle. Savor your breakfast amidst the pristine wilderness of Kanha National Park, reinvigorating your senses. Keep an eye out for its remarkable avian residents, which may include the Indian paradise flycatcher, Indian vulture, white-rumped vulture, yellow-wattled lapwing, and the red-wattled lapwing, adding more feathers to your birding portfolio.

As the day unfolds, continue your quest for the elusive Tiger in the afternoon safari if you haven’t been fortunate enough to spot one yet. Immerse yourself in the revitalizing and invigorating natural surroundings. After an eventful morning safari, return to the lodge around 11:30 AM to freshen up and enjoy a well-deserved lunch.

Return to the resort around 6 PM, savor a delicious dinner, and unwind for the night at the lodge, anticipating the adventures that await in the days ahead.

Bengal Tiger Safari in Kanha
Bengal Tiger Safari in Kanha
Tigress with cub in Kanha
Tigress with cub in Kanha
Day 08 : Kanha–Bandhavgarh (By road 280 kms/6-hour drive)
Embark on an early morning jeep safari to explore the wonders of Kanha National Park. Following a hearty lunch, begin your journey with a scenic 6-hour drive to Bandhavgarh. Upon reaching your destination, settle into your lodge, relish a delectable dinner, and spend the night in comfort at the lodge.
Indian golden oriole in Kanha
Indian golden oriole
Day 09 : In Bandhavgarh National Park

Partake in thrilling morning and afternoon tiger safaris within the pristine environs of Bandhavgarh National Park. Your accommodations and meals are provided at the lodge, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

Bandhavgarh National Park is divided into three core zones: Tala, Magadhi, and Khitauli. Throughout your safari, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these diverse zones.

Tala Zone, the park’s oldest sector, encompasses the historic Bandhavgarh Fort. It is home to Shesh Shaiya, a revered Vishnu statue dating back to the 10th century and a popular tourist attraction. The Charan Ganga river, which sustains the park, originates here, and you’ll find expansive meadows and ancient caves, including the Bari Gufa from the tenth century.

Magadhi Zone is known for its lush grasslands and mixed dense forests. The region boasts several natural and man-made watering holes like Sukhi Patiha, Dabhadhole, Charkpwaha, and Murdhawa, making it a prime location for tiger sightings, especially in recent years.

Khitauli Zone, characterized by dry-deciduous forests, has emerged as a prominent hotspot for tiger encounters. Abundant bamboo cover in this area provides ample sustenance for elephants, making them a common sight.

Additionally, Bandhavgarh is a birdwatcher’s paradise, offering opportunities to spot a variety of avian species. Some of the popular birds you may encounter here include the Crested Serpent Eagle, Indian Roller, Malabar Pied Hornbill, White-rumped Shama, and the Indian Pitta, enriching your birdwatching experience amidst the captivating landscapes of the park.

Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh
Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh
Tickell's Leaf Warbler in Bandhavgarh
Tickell's Leaf Warbler in Bandhavgarh
Day 10 – 11 : In Bandhavgarh National Park

Tourists embark on enthralling tiger safaris in the morning and afternoon, exploring the majestic Bandhavgarh National Park. This park is renowned for its dense tiger population and is the historic site of the discovery of the famous White Tigers of Rewa. In addition to tigers, the park is home to a rich array of wildlife, including leopards, blue bulls, Indian Gaur (Bison), Chausingha (Four-Horned Antelopes), spotted deer, sambar deer, wild boar, sloth bears, foxes, jackals, and more. Bandhavgarh boasts an impressive biodiversity, housing at least 22 mammal species and approximately 250 bird species.

Within the park, you’ll also encounter diverse creatures such as ratels, porcupines, small Indian civets, palm squirrels, lesser bandicoot rats, jungle cats, and elusive hyenas. The park’s historical significance is marked by ancient caves carved into the sandstone, some of which bear Brahmi inscriptions dating back to the 1st century B.C. Over the centuries, Bandhavgarh saw the rule of various dynasties, including the Maghas and the Vakatakas, eventually becoming a royal hunting reserve as the area gradually transformed into forested terrain.

In 1968, the Maharaja relinquished Bandhavgarh to the state for the establishment of the National Park. This marked a turning point, with effective measures to curb poaching and hunting, leading to a remarkable resurgence in the park’s animal populations. Notably, the tiger population thrived, and the 1986 park extension provided essential forest areas for their habitat. To facilitate visitors, comfortable accommodations are available at the resort for overnight stays, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wonders of Bandhavgarh National Park.

Bengal Tiger Roaring in Bandhavgarh
Bengal Tiger Roaring in Bandhavgarh
Blue Bearded Bee Eater in Bandhavgarh
Day 12 : Bandhavgarh – Jabalpur – New Delhi (by road 200 kms/4 hrs drive)

Begin your day with an early morning jeep safari into the captivating realms of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Following the safari and a satisfying lunch, it’s time to journey to Jabalpur for your flight back to New Delhi.

Upon arrival at the New Delhi airport, our dedicated representative will be there to assist you with the check-in process and ensure your comfort for the night. You’ll spend the night at a hotel in New Delhi, wrapping up your adventure with memories of the tiger safari and the enchanting wilderness you’ve explored.

Day 13 : New Delhi – Fly back

After relaxed breakfast, check out from the hotel and transfer to New Delhi International Airport to board your flight back home.

herd of spotted deers in bandhavgarh
Spotted Deers in Bandhavgarh

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