Tal Chhapar


Overview - Tal Chhapar

Erstwhile hunting grounds of the Maharaja of Bikaner, this Thorny Desert Scrub is now known worldwide as one the best places to see Raptors in India.

Acacia trees and short grasses cover this mostly barren microcosm which teems with life.
Part of the Thar Desert landscape, the sanctuary is a flat saline depression which is known as “Tal” in the local dialect.

Small lakes attract several local and international migrants, which in turn provide for the various raptors for which Tal Chappar is a migratory stop.

The State tree of Rajasthan- the “Khejri” Tree(Prosopis cineraria) is home to the very rare Indian Spotted Creeper, and Indian Spiny Lizards in the thousands occur here, India’s only herbivorous lizard – bringing the multitude of birds as they surface for food and for the warmth of the winter sun.

Almost 300 species of birds have been recorded in this very special region.

Best Time to Visit Tal Chhapar

Winter: October to mid-March is a great time to visit.

Highlight Species - Tal Chhapar

Types of Safaris - Tal Chhapar

Jeep Safaris : A 4×4 can be hired locally to traverse through the landscape.

Walking Safaris : Walking is permitted as well.

How to reach Tal Chhapar

By Air : 04 hour drive from Jaipur Airport – well connected by flight from New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Bangalore.

By Road : 2.5 hour drive from Bikaner city – famous tourist destination.

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