Sultanpur National Park


Overview - Sultanpur National Park

New Delhi is a populous city today, a destination steeped in the history of royalty and the power struggles of India.

One doesn’t associate it as a destination for any sort of wildlife spotting; yet Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary stands out as an excellent birding area.

This Wetland has been conserved since 1970 and till today almost 250 bird species have been recorded here with about 50% of them being migrants.

Best Time to Visit Sultanpur National Park

November to the beginning of March is the peak season for winter migrants and though the mornings can be misty, the first rays of the sun provide an excellent bird watching experience.

The park remains closed for the breeding season of resident birds which peaks from Mid-June to Mid-September.

Highlight Species - Sultanpur National Park

Types of Safaris - Sultanpur National Park

Walking Safaris : Walking inside the sanctuary on the periphery of the lakes and marshes is permitted. One needs to procure a permit and a guide to go around Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.

By Air : The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport at a distance of 48 km from Sultanpur bird sanctuary. Most parts of the country and most major cities across the world are connected to Delhi by flights. Taxis are easily available from Delhi Airport to reach the park.

By Train : The nearest rail is Gurgaon Junction. Delhi (46 km) is the nearest major railhead. All the major cities and most other parts of the country have trains running to Delhi. Metro trains from Delhi run to Gurgaon (15 km) from where taxis are available to reach Sultanpur. Taxis are also available from Delhi Railway Station to reach the park.

By Road : State-owned bus services are available from Delhi to Gurgaon (15 km). Taxis can be hired from Gurgaon to reach Sultanpur National Park. However, buses tend to be crowded most of the times.

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